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Same here, I'm trying to login to ToFN and I receive error 1003. Instead, if I try connecting to Red Eclipse (i have chars there, too) it works just fine. I tried downloading the setup again, installing and flushing the dns cache, still not working. Should I repair the installation?
Actually all i haven't deleted the game nor repaired it. Just waited (old school tactic) i was waiting for around 20-30 mins and it worked after a many times of trying to get in and the lag is also gone 20-89 ping (some rare 1 sec laggs but its realy nothing) so...I'm also on Red Eclipse and Progenitor and Tomb of Freedon Nadd and it only allowed me to go into the last one but after the problem got solved , now i can to go to Red Ec. , Prog. maybe you just have to wait too? Also sorry for the Late anwser.