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No. You should be stacking power unless you're planning on following me and given the downsides of Assault I'm not advising that.

Assault has +30% crit damage on everything I'm using except ENet and default attack.

92.86% of my damage output is from attacks which crit for over 200% damage. My crit multi is at 72.3 which combined with +30% talent is 202.3% damage on crit.

Gunnery has +30% crit damage on Full Auto only which is about 30-35% of total damage, stacking for crit and surge will not be beneficial.

Accuracy is 99.33 by accident when I lost some stats in a new ear and I'm musing over increasing it again.

I still have my power mods in inventory for respeccing back to Gunnery because I know the limitations and it's unlikely Assault will see NiM with me.
Thanks for the input. Good stuff here.