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I think it would be hard to have an open homosexual relationship, in the Empire perspective, as the Imperials are pretty much made after the Nazi party. Hell, idea behind the imperial agent came from the gestapo. the culture is based around how the Nazi's thought; and they killed homosexuals like dogs. I think from the Empire side, if they add SGR, they need to make it to where the relationship is not open to the public. We're talking about a fictional culture, who pretty much see aliens as the Nazis did the Jews; either killing them or putting them to work as slaves. From an Lore perspective, why would a bigoted culture, be accepting to homosexuality?

A fascist society like the empire, would identify specific roles for each type of individual based on race, social standing, etc. I'm sure they have their own ideas of what a proper relationship between two people is. In fact, you run into a pureblood on Korriban, that finds it despicable, that his ancestors mated with slaves, and believes, there needs to be an ethnic cleansing among the overseers. Then you have the noble class amongst the Empire, and on Kaas, you overhear a woman talking about how a relative of hers got with a person they consider a lesser, and about how this relative is now on her own because of it.
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