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Yes, I personally consider the whole thing insignificant, but thats not important right now. My opinion that "retooling" old content is waste of time and resources isnt influenced by that at all. I would say the same thing about any kind of similar changing old content, even the new story aspects I would like. 1-50 story is good as it is. Lets think about new things to add, but add them to new content, because coming back to change old things would only make developing new story content slower.
This makes sense. Has anybody noticed in the Act 1 of various stories, the lightsabers still have huge hilts?
If that hasn't changed from beta, what are the chances of additional story options? Redesigning the cutscenes
would be cheaper than new voiceovers AND animations for SGRs. But it is not happening. It seems they are continuing to focus on new content. Que Sera, Sera.
Hold up ! If we save Han now, there won't be anything for us to do at the beginning
of ROTJ !