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Hi, I'm soon to be lvl 55 Assassin and I can't decide whether to tank or dps. I haven't done much flashpoints during lvling and I'm not sure what are the tank 's resposibilities in this game apart from holding aggro so I've got some questions for you. Do you set kill orders for the dps or are they supposed to simply attack your target? Are you supposed to instruct them to use crowd control or cc isn't necessary? I'm talking about long cc like 1 min or so to exclude some mobs in the pack from fight. To former wow players: is tanking here more similiar to tanking in wotlk or in cata?
Man, your post looks familiar--a few months ago, this was me.

In my experience having to learn how to tank FPs after I was already level 50 and then moving on to Operations--it really depends. Don't get fixated on 'The tank runs things'. All things being equal, if everyone's inexperienced, the tank will likely be the one 'leading', but because some of this content is so familiar to the DPS and Healers that they'll frequently take point if they don't feel you're doing a good job. This is something I had to adjust to and not take it personally.

With decent gear, things are going to be very fluid in the level 50 and 55 HM FPs. DPS shouldn't be running up facepulling everything, but most groups can recover from it if they do.

Where that changes is in Operations. I'm still in the baby levels of HM Operations, but the tanks have more responsibility in them and that's when they do have to set the pace and the tone. But even then, I've been in a few Operations with PUGs where I was new and they were not and I've had both Healers and DPS 'leading' the raid while I learned from them.

Rule of thumb: if no one's dying, it's okay.

And yeah, like other people said: if you find DPS who don't facepull, CC intelligently, know their kill order without being told, grab on to them and never let go.
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