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You Juggs/Guardian getting the Sentinel 2 piece set bonus?

The thing Vengeance/Vigilance spec players need to understand is how reliant on RNG they are to produce the really big parses.

If you proc Ravage at it's expected rate of 30%, it will typically account for 20% of your damage, and your bleeds will account for 19-20%. This is going to put you in the 2700s if you're BiS or fairly close to it. You'll have plenty of runs where Ravage doesn't proc@a 30% clip and makes up 18-19% of your damage. This will be a 2600ish parse.

In my 2865 parse Ravage procced at nearly a 41% rate. Had it procced at the normal rate I would have lost 100-150 DPS which is obviously a huge swing. I'm sure with 2 UW relics (of which I'll need 3 tokens now because the damage proc relic I bought just isn't proccing enough to give me the returns I expected) I can replicate 2800 more frequently, but my current opinion is that the spec is a 2700-2800 spec when played and geared optimally.