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05.24.2013 , 07:46 AM | #14
While the hardware advice is certainly appreciated, I've been looking over the threads, and the issues seem too similar, across too many people on too many different servers, to be hardware based. My own experience was that prior to the re-introducing of the Gree event, I never had any lag issues (and I'm a Founder, BTW, so that's a fairly long period of game play without a problem). The first time I logged on after the re-start of the Gree event, I almost immediately started having SEVERE lag issues, to the point that combat is nearly impossible, and they have persisted up until the last time I tried logging in and playing ten minutes ago. The sheer number of other posts indicating the same issue would seem to indicate that something funky happened when the Gree event was re-introduced. As a subscriber who happily pays to play, I find this really aggravating...the rendering lag is so severe that the game is, essentially, un-playable. Add to that that the "lag meter" in-game is not registering the lag spikes. I didn't experience this after the 2.1 patch, but ONLY after the Gree event. I really hope that a dev or csr addresses this issue soon. I enjoy the game and would hate to feel like I was paying for an un-usable service.