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yeah GCD and combat lag has gotten worse since last patch. There are other threads blaming it on the collections system etc. I wish they would fix it my dps parses have been taking big hits.
Yep. I can consistently hit 2500-2600, which is probably my 'average' but the last few times I have gone, I can't even muster much past 2300 due to the ability lag. I don't have my smuggler through the class story yet, so I have to keep begging for the critical buff. Then I head to my ship dummy to find horrible lag. Of course, this is during peak hours... I might finish up my smuggler this weekend, so I can try to ops dummy at like 3:00am in the morning or something like that to see if it is any better. The ability lag doesn't seem to happen in FPs or Operations, but is super bad on Makeb. There are times when I never experience this. All the while, my internet connection is solid at 68ms with all four bars.

The last few times I have been booted from the server, I noticed that Jedi Cov is 'heavy population' so I wonder how much that affects versus a lower population server.