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And posts like these annoy me. There has been something introduced as of lately. Our 16 man operations have noticed it as well. Random lag spikes for multiple people at once, and most of the previous issues mentioned in prior posts/replies. Crash to desktop when entering zones, for multiple people at once.

I personally run on all max settings as well, been that way for a while now. {i7, SSD main drive, 32 GB RAM, SLI'd 560ti's}. I personally do not overclock my i7, but I don't need to. There is something wrong and it is prevalent in 16 man operations for sure. The worse is the random lag spikes to 2k+ milliseconds.
Overclock your CPU to 4GHz, get a modern Nividia single GPU such as a GTX 660Ti Boost or greater (GTX 680 recommended) , overclock your RAM, lower your tRD setting through MemSet and try again.

Your issue is probably microstuttering due to SLI but it can also be your i7 chocking at stock. Which i7 do you have? Nehalem, SB or IB?