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I think I speak for a vast majority of players when I say performance performance after 2.1 is terrible.

***Primary Issue***
Slow Graphic Rendering

On fleet Bank, Mail Box, or any other small clickable loads very slowly. On my system it was immediate now it takes 10-20 seconds after I load fleet.

***Major Issue***
This became very apparent when doing S&V 16 Man HM Boss 7 Dread Master Styrak
*Constantly tanks were reporting the dragon spit was not rendering.... (We used sorc pulls to save tanks)
*Repeatedly members would report rendering issue right after being returned from a nightmare. The raid wiping issue was the 8 force ghosts not rendering for some players. Trying to get in Melee range to prevent obliterate on a mob that has not rendered is a major issue.
*After multiple issue all having to do with things not rendering during the fight we finally killed the Dread Master after about the 5th attempt. We could have one shot it if we didn't have all these problem across 10 of our 16 people in the raid.

***My Understanding***
From what I hear this is an issue with the collection option causing extra load times for everyone.

***We need a solution soon***
If my guild is to continue to do 16 Man Raids we will need a solution very soon.
*Please disable the collection option ASAP until it is fixed.
*My guild has 38 subscriber accounts in it that count on 16 Man Raids (This number does not reflect alts or trial members)
* Alternative option MOVE THE COLLECTIONS option to the personal star-ship ONLY. (Disabled everywhere else)

WE NEED A SOLUTION SOON.. MEANING NEXT WEEK or I will be forced to start canceling 16 man raids in favor of 8 man making allot of people unhappy.

*****To Conclude*****
I apologize if this post is coming off as rude, but I am very tired of hearing guild member complaints about Bioware's latest failed patch. It gets allot worse when a cosmetic patch for the care bears in this game that want to look cool has destroyed our raiding experience. Very disappointing. The fact that no patch has been implemented yet is just terrible.
This is getting really annoying.

I am playing SWTOR on a November 2007 overclocked CPU (Intel Core 2 Extreme QX9650), 1920X1080, graphics settings at very high, and I never had any kind of problem with lag, freezes, slow graphics rendering or whatever else.

The reason the above post annoys me is because ppl like this guy above presume to speak on my behalf (i.e. vast majority of players) whereas in fact I am having no issue whatsoever.

^^Link to my system.

In most cases, people who are having performance problems either run the game on non-overclocked CPUS, or low-end CPUs and/or low end GPUs.