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05.24.2013 , 01:36 AM | #1
I just dinged 50 on my Jedi Guardian today after finishing Corellia and my class story, and am wondering where I should be headed to next...

At the moment I've got quest saying to go back to Belsavis/Corellia/Ilum that I picked up after returning to the fleet and the quest to head to Makeb for the expansion stuff. I also have the gree event quest.

I also have hardmode fps unlocked, as well as some ops stuff in the groupfinder. Can I do those now, or should I wait until I'm 55 and better geared? I am specced to tank and have been told I'm good at it, but I have no experience in any operations or hardmode fps.

Anyways, after dinging 50 a ton of stuff seems to have opened up for me and I just need a little direction.