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No, we don't. The devs do. That's the problem with players getting what they want.
[EDIT: And no, not trying to bait you, I was curious as to what you think the majority of players want, not just the majority of posters in this thread]
The developers don't either. They can (and do) provide a wide range of content. They only need to decide which parts they'll put in, which they'll leave out and in which order. They certainly don't need to choose between, say, end-game content and SGRAs. They may choose to (which is their right as the makers of the game) but they don't need to.

EDIT: If you're actually wondering what I think the majority of players want, I think the player population is too split to agree on any one particular type of content and as cynical as it may be of me I definitely think most groups would claim the majority want what they do. I certainly don't think SGRAs are a priority for the majority of players but I doubt crafting is either. I can't really speak for the majority because I don't frequent most of the other boards.

Quote: Originally Posted by SithKoriandr View Post
I took it to mean, in how people think things have to be changed or stopped just because they're offended, when I listened to it.
That's what I mean by vetoing things on the basis of disliking them and for no other reason.
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