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Quote: Originally Posted by SithKoriandr View Post
So, do you think the majority of players want more, end game content/class story lines or SGR romances?
Sigh. Now you're just baiting me, but that's okay because your point here is irrelevant. What the majority of players want from the game's development isn't the 'majority' in question. As you well know. And as you consistently avoid addressing, we don't actually have to choose between them.

Quote: Originally Posted by SithKoriandr View Post
It does have context! To those who say "I'm offended" it has context
Yeah, but that's not the context in question. With the context of trying to make constructive comments, yes, 'I'm offended' has no real meaning on its own other than 'my feelings don't like that'. Such statements require clarification and further discussion which is, I believe, part of Mr Fry's main point. Vetoing things because you disagree with them and for no other reason is stupid.

But without that context it's just a license to be rude. "I've offended you? I don't care. Saying 'I'm offended' is meaningless, Mr Fry says so." No, saying 'I'm offended' isn't meaningless. It expresses a reaction to a subject. It's the function of stopping at 'I'm offended' and offering no other objection that's the meaningless bit.
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