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05.23.2013 , 07:41 PM | #118
I think these threads are fun, but in no way represent average DPS. For example, If you use Keren's simulation for Mercenaries and set the runs to two (you can't do one, IIRC) you can see WILD swings in DPS over 5 minutes long. Several hundred DPS swings! imagine if you could do 'single runs' with his simulator. I also noted a commando's parse on the Harbringer who crit nearly 40% of his full autos! It isn't just how often you crit, but what abilities you crit on.

I am trying to get the DPS in my guild to understand that the Operations Dummy is a tool to use, as noted by Pizza'Da'Hutt. Truly, it is very important. On a side note - The last few times I went to the dummy, I am getting huge ability lag and things triggering the cool down, even tough abilities didn't go off. This is on my own personal ship dummy on Jedi Cov... Anyone else experience that? It probably happens 15-20 times during a 5 minute parse. I know I read a thread somewhere here about that... Anyone know how to combat that? It isn't internet lag, or video lag. Like animation lag that triggers the GCD.

It happens quite a bit on my sentinel as well. In fact, almost every time I use Blade Storm, it starts the animation, but doesn't actually go off and it triggers the GCD. So annoying...