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I don't think it has to be 5 minutes; so long as everyone uses the same time frame. If that where to be 10 minutes or 7 minutes and 27.34 seconds it wouldn't matter to me. The point is, you can cut the log where you want to inflate the numbers.......that should not be happening (see my example above regarding golf for reason as to why it matters on a list such as this).
Tbh i think you are having a huge nerd rage here lol (no offense) but its kind of pointless in my opinion doing so many "rules" to the parse, the start trim, is understandable, boarder made a good parody of it, make sense, the rest, is i dont know, you trying to be the top parse? i dont understand, we CANT compare, most people use biochem, most people use blue biochem (better stat), some people dont use adrenals, some people have less lag than others, it varies.. if you want Parse to cut at 5 minute, what everyone will do is save the bomb at 4:50 and do it to get a peak dmg/dps.... it is dummy dps = find the way you can do to maximize your dps with ideal situations that wont happen.

there are a lot of factors and RNG, everyone here know, the top parse on every class are normally "lucky" parse... myself i did that 1964 and i havent been able to repeat, fall short at 2940-50, simple, so anywhere between 100-150 under the top ranked parse is actually the AVG. good dps for that class.

the same way Boarder said.. you are not in a styrak fight and when u are at 5 minutes with 2800 dps you do /KillStyrakForMy5MinuteParse do you? 5 is just a number to simulate the quickest possible boss fight, if you want to measure real numbers do in TorParse boss Fights, which are inaccurate as well, some fights are longer, some fights have different strats, different groups, better dps group = higher dps = shorter fight.

So my point is on this argument, start trim = invalid... done... ending trim after 5 minutes = Valid... done... do the parse with that rule, post your best number, compare to the rest with same rules, as a matter of fact i am sure 90% or more of the game population dont even bother Parsing dummy + uploading + posting here, so even if you are 1st ranked here thinking you are top one, theres a BIG chance there are a few more people that parse the same or higher... Same with Torparse bosses, everyone parse, mayority just dont post it, even with group upload i cant make my group to post it, where my 3 other dps have same dps sometimes higher than me, and i am top 1-15th in like almost every fight, they dont like to upload, thats their problem, not mine, and like them, there are probably 10-20-30 more guilds / DPSers that do the same, achieve an insane number, and dont care (like us, i am one of those that love this, so not judging) and dont post it

Conclusion: follow the rules, post your numbers, compare with the people here, knowing there is a big chance there are quiet a few people that are probably better / higher parse than you / us, than simply, dont upload them. most of the people in good guilds here are at around the top, in my server, i am sure no one in this thread have ever heard of Tyranny... 100% sure if u are not in the Harbringer, and i know by fact that beastfury has beaten and been top 1-3 ranked mara since TorParse is up, so being in the "best guild in your server" doesnt mean you have the best "DPS". Tyranny is the 5-6th Ranked guild in my server, him and tralt lead almost all rankings, like them there are probably 5-10 more on each server.

PD: my main language is not english, so dont start like people in reddit being a Grammar Police here thx
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