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05.23.2013 , 01:57 PM | #8
On my Warrior: Broonmark, because he's little more than a vicious dog and probably doesn't have the brains to betray me.

On my Inquisitor: Ashara, because she's far from the brightest bulb in the bunch, thus believes everything I say is actually true.

On my Agent: uh... yeah... I think we'd have to stretch the definition of trust pretty far to come up with a name here; let's say Kaliyo because while I can't trust her, I can trust Kaliyo to be Kaliyo.

On my Knight: T7, because he instinctively recognizes just how truly awesome I am.

On my Smuggler: Bowdaar, for the same reason my Knight trusts T7 the most.

I can't say for the other classes as I still haven't gotten any of the rest through their class stories yet.