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Another piece of advice:

Ignore most of what anyone says about how easy/hard something is. A lot of people only ran through a particular class's story after already having a few other characters at max level. Though you don't need to worry about the details yet, having other characters at max level gives you the opportunity to have your companion characters be much stronger than they would be if you were playing through for the first time. In other words, a lot of people have experienced a lot of quests with them literally being much easier than they will be for you on your first character or three, and so those players will scream about how all class quests are absurdly easy and anyone who has difficulties is a noob. Be ready to ignore such people. Unfortunately, general chat is full of trolls and other rude people (in some locations much more than others...*cough* The Fleet *cough*), so don't take any of the things they say personally. The unpleasant portion of the community happens to be the more vocal, but there are a good number of helpful people out there, I promise.