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I have to say I don't really agree with you that the parse has to be cropped at exactly 5 min.
His parse is 3419 even with the enter combat state which is ~18 dps difference so not that much of a change.
I don't think it's fair for you to say that the difference is almost 80dps.
I think the parses should be at least 5 min, after which the parse can be cropped to the highest dps point in time.
This would show the MAXIMUM dps that a spec can attain after at least 5 min of combat.
Watchman does benefit quite a bit from Juyo and Merciless Stacking though and you will see a large increase for that spec.

However looking back at your watchman parse here is a Maximized dps number with the ramp up time.


~ 4dps difference between your beggining and end clip.
In mine specifically there were other factors that prevented the margin from being shown, namely that nasty fleet lag. It is just meant to give an idea of how clipping effects the overall numbers.

As far as the other parse in question; since it dragged out longer and ENDED with the scatter bombs, it caused the numbers to go waaaaaaaay up. Scatter bombs are quite unique. If you end a parse with them your numbers will be far better then if you end it before them. That is why his numbers are higher in the long run, not because that is the maximum for the spec. If you were to stretch it out just 13 more seconds it would be 3372.83. A loss of ~46 dps from the cropping of 3419 DPS. (For referance sake, here is the parse only showing 5 minutes 3358.31)

Do you see how dangerous cropping logs is? If we want any sort of accurate numbers and thresholds, we need the circumstances as close to the same as we can get them. (That includes time and buffs. The only thing we can not account for is built in executes due to talents and abilities.) An argument can be made that if I want accurate numbers, I should examine the log and crop it to compare with mine.........but that kind of defeats the purpose of having global leader-boards for it, doesn't it? It would be the same is if, they didn't track golf scores on a board for everyone to see and forced whoever wanted to know what the scores were to go check the individual cards of the players..................................

Quote: Originally Posted by paowee View Post
that is subjective. let me speak for most of the parsers and say, any change is a big change when it comes to DPS.

for pete's sakes people just DONT clip the beginning of the parse. the fight starts when you HIT the friggin dummy! jeez

*hey styrak my man, let us engage in combat but i ask you kindly please do not hit me until i have all my juyo stacks up!*

*hey terror from beyond dude! wasup brother? can i put my 3 dots and my armor pen and my EP on you first before i Cull and then we can start the figtht? im sry bro i need to put my dots up first in order to do damages. thanks budddy!*

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