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I have to say I don't really agree with you that the parse has to be cropped at exactly 5 min.
His parse is 3419 even with the enter combat state which is ~18 dps difference so not that much of a change
that is subjective. let me speak for most of the parsers and say, any change is a big change when it comes to DPS.

for pete's sakes people just DONT clip the beginning of the parse. the fight starts when you HIT the friggin dummy! jeez

*hey styrak my man, let us engage in combat but i ask you kindly please do not hit me until i have all my juyo stacks up!*

*hey terror from beyond dude! wazup mate? can i put my corrosive grenade and corrosive dart and interrogation probe and shatter shot and explosive probe and THEN ill Cull and THEN we can start the figtht? im sry bro i need to put my dots up first in order to do 1337 deepyy'ess. thanks budddy!*

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