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I'd like to see the option of adding a third horizontal action bar.
Erm... what game are you talking about ? I am using 3 horizontal action bars (12x1) and 2 additional 4x3 bars for 6 months now.

Only thing I am really missing on the UI is the ability to position proc-effect-buffs away from my char in the middle of my view and large.... real large.

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Quote: Originally Posted by Machine-Elf View Post
Are you serious? The default U.I. in SWTOR looks absolutely atrocious. The worst I've seen in any game, ever.
Funny, to me that was the WoW-interface, when I tested WoW for 12 days (after that, I needed two eye implants, as my old eyes were burned away by the technicolor rainbow psychedelic assault)... maybe I was missing one of the gazillion of add-ons that seem to be required to play it ?
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