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As far as MMO default UIs go, I think SWTOR is actually pretty awesome. Between the basic design and the Interface Editor, I'm impressed with how comfortable I've been able to make my UI in a game with no AddOns.

Still, nothing's perfect and there's some minor fixes here and there I'd love to see. I hope this falls under the general umbrella of their philosophy of "Quality of Life" improvements moving forward that the UI is part of the overall tweaking process they're committed to continuing with each update.

Rather than a million tiny threads on individual components, I think a catch-all approach for UI requests might be easier to deal with as a feedback tool. Given that, here's what I'd like to see "fixed" or improved:


Warning boxes Many warning boxes still lack a toggle for "OMG, I know!!!", such as:
  • I know that listing an item on the GTN will prevent it being sold back to the vendor for a refund
  • I know that mailing an item to my alt will prevent it being sold back to the vendor for a refund
  • I know that putting mods in an item will bind it to me
This can make large-scale actions that trigger a warning box feel annoying, with a lot of repetitive "OK" clicking.

Chat window
  • Allow "Invite to Guild" option on right-click of names in chat windows. Currently, this only works if the person is in your group. It can make ginvites awkward when people have gfy characters in their name.
  • Change the "Your report has been sent" Spam Report pop-up into a text system message in the chat window. The pop-up can be very distracting, especially when it steals focus while you're in combat or otherwise occupied.

  • Add a "Useable by Companion" filter to complement the "Useable by Me" drop-down on, eg, Commendation vendors. This would help quickly finding eg, that 1 item out of 60 which is a Techblade.

Interface Editor
  • Toggle to make frames "snap" to each other's edges in editing mode, for easier alignment/positioning of elements (such as the Group frames)

Buffs and debuffs
  • Option to prioritize displaying YOUR buffs / debuffs first, before others
  • Option to enlarge YOUR buffs / debuffs relative to others
  • Option to filter out buffs / debuffs YOU did not apply

Operations frame:
  • Allow more than 4 buffs to be displayed
  • Allow filtering-out of long-duration or otherwise useless-to-see buffs (eg, Force Valor)

Focus frame:
  • Allow a "Target of Focus" frame like the "Target of Target" frame. This is something really useful to know, especially when healing!

Group Finder
  • Time in queue & estimated queue time remaining

Skill Tree
  • Ability to save pre-set Skill Tree layouts (using Field Respec at later levels to switch roles for FPs/Ops/WZs involves a lot of tedious OMG-I-know-this-by-heart clicking to reconstruct familiar builds)