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Oh then I'm not sure what the Entity even is... Is she shown, or just a voice? Refresh my memory, especially since I've not done Taral V or Malestrom (hell, any flashpoints other than Black Talon or Esseles with new F2Pers.... recently finally did Lost Island for the first time and was amazed the group wasn't yelling at me for not spacebarring it) without people screaming "**** PRESS THE *********** SPACEBAR" at me in over a year.
The Entity is part of the story arc for the Sith Warrior on Corellia. The Jedi Entity is the Jedi Knight formerly known as Jedi Exile or if you prefer, Meetra Surik; They're not the same character.

Also, the Exile is seen and / or heard during the Taral V and Maelstrom Prison flashpoints, as well as during a conversation with Jedi Master Oteg, which is a part of the mini-arc storyline, surrounding Revan's rescue.

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Either way, pretty sure I've seen an interview where Karpyshyn acknowledges that the Entity is indeed Kreia herself, even though he also says that the storyline or that particular bit wasn't written by him.
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Have you heard this one? "There once was a Mon Cal from Dac. He wore a jetpack on his back..."
"He liked to shoot blasters, and fly even faster. He was a Mando-Cal attack."