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Hey LeGoonDuVegas,

We try to refrain from posting exact times and locations until we have 100% secured the venue. But here is a list of general dates for Community Cantina Tour locations for the rest of the year:
  • June 2013 Los Angeles, CA
  • July 2013 San Diego, CA
  • August 2013 Chicago, IL
  • August 2013 Cologne, Germany
  • August 2013 Seattle, WA
  • October 2013 New York, NY
  • November 2013 Austin, TX

I can say that we plan most of our events around conventions. For example, our Los Angeles event occurs during E3 and this event is happening during SDCC.

So for Chicago we are looking to have the meet and greet during Wizard World Chicago Comic Con, which is from August 8th-11th.

For Cologne, Germany, we are aiming to schedule it during Gamescom, which is from August 22nd-25th.

The Seattle event is during PAX Prime, so August 30th - September 2nd.

And finally the New York event will be occuring the same time as NYCC, which is from October 10th-13th.

The Austin, TX meet and greet is not happening during a convention so I don't have a time frame for you there.

Hope that helps!
Please say you will be announcing the first MAJOR expansion to SWTOR during E3 and if you do I hope it is the SSSP and hopefully you would have a working demo for people to check out. I think that alone would bring players back to the game in droves.