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thank u, the first comment really put me down, but the other were really good, swtor is a good game and it need to change, lot of things r wrong, swtor will need to change a lot if it want to be better than wow, in my opnion it is, more hard and cool, blizzard games r really easy, the thing that I love in swtor is the species, they will never have any problem about new species, but abou a new class, it will be hard, may they dont know what to do.
that ben 10 stuff was my only idea for class, but I have a good idea for a new expansion, first guy, I dont care if u like it or not, keep what u think ok?
Okay, do you guys know that Sith that use plagues, okay, a sith was kcked of the empire, now, he want to kill them all, so he learn the really way of the dark side, he start using plagues, and he have 22 aprentices ( or more ), and he will, with them, destroy the empire, they now willl make new rakghoul, more powerful, and they will be the weapon of that new empire, they want to change the galaxy forever, the jedi and sith stop fighting, the first REALLY PVE expansion (pvp continues, for fun), so the plagues destroy one of the neutral planets, what make jedi got really mad, and they pick a new empire planet as base, also there is another 2 planets that will be used for leveling, 55-65, and 65-70, also, 2 new species, onw for each faction, the weequay goes to the empire after all, sith warrior and bounty hunter but a little big before the movies, they stop being "friends", the voss go to the republic, jedi consular and jedi knight, I know that they dont really like war, but this was to save the galaxy.