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It really feels like this is the result of adding collections to the game--which has the potential to increase the profitability of the Cartel Shop.

I completely understand that this is a business, but the mechanics should have been changed and players should have been told the change was upcoming. Warnings--not bans--should have been given. We should have been told in advance.

This is bad business practice. And yes, I do feel an unsub coming on if this is not resolved much sooner rather than later and if those affected by yet another truly horrid decision are not compensated. Honestly, this is beyond mismanagement.
Bioware takes the stance of not advertising what people did to get banned. Those who got banned take advantage of this can claim to be the innocent victim. It happens in every MMO. While I wasn't a fan of Guildwars 2 I admit they had it right when they posted a thread daring people who'd gotten bans/suspensions to call them out. Then they took that as permission to post publically exactly what they did. It really shut people up fast.