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-Rusted version from Dreadtooth loot.
-HK-47 model dropped from HK-47 (surprising, eh?)
-Black droid with red imperial symbol from Imperial Section X Reputation vendor for "friend" standing.
-White droid with blue imperial symbol from Republic Section X Reputation vendor for "friend" standing.
-Light brown with green hutt symbol from Makeb (or datamined hutt space navigators?) reputation vendor for "friend" standing.
-GSI stripes from Nar Shaddaa reputation vendor for friend standing with GSI.
-Black with green eyes crafted from cyber techs.
-"offensive" model with added on wrist missile launchers and a jetpack crafted from arms techs.
-"defensive" model with heavier classic-silver armor crafted from armor mechs.

All I can think of.
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