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05.22.2013 , 10:05 AM | #9
If u sub I find the most useful (and challenging/fun) way to do your crew skills is this:

I have 6 alts with the crafting skills (as I wanted to be able to grab schems in ops with are BoP tho i think that's obsolete now u can RE stuff). I usually have the 2 gathering skills required for that crafting skill on that alt (I have slicing on all of them I think because its handy to pick up 2k boxes on Makeb endgame and get parts for augment kits).

I have 2 alts that I got to endgame purely for the story and I give them all the boring skills (Investigation, Treasure Hunting, Diplomacy, Underworld Trading) and then if one of my crafters need something from one of those skills I can just get the crews to go out for them. Saves having a gathering skill that u can't use in open world on ur main toons.