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Thank you for your replies guys! I've decided to give tanking a try.
Awesome I've been a long time tank in various MMOs, and the tanking community (especially here) is a very helpful group indeed because we know how tough it can be at times, especially when you are essentially deemed the "leader of the pack". But, as another tank pointed out, it's not as difficult as many ppl make it out to be. The first thing to note, as with any class, is to learn to play your class to the point where you are comfortable with rotations for various situations. Honestly, the rotations don't change much for tanks so once you have those down then you are gold

Next, is learn the FPs/Ops basic boss fights, because this is probably the most difficult (IMO) when tanking, but there are a ton of resources for boss mechanics/strats. You may even come up with your own tried & true strategies! Otherwise, the rest is simply overall field experience. You read up on all the guides you want, but nothing beats being dropped in the fray and learning through blood, sweat & tears

Overall, have fun as a tank because it really is a great role!
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