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Got the similiar ideas about Ithorians and Trandoshans.

I think Bioware can make something like new starters planets for those spieces like a prologue:
For example :Before he become jedi he was a pacifist (If Ithorian) but after some actions he became padawan, smuggler and etc.
Just make a little twist between force user or not force user,or maybe in the begining you can choose biography for that spieces with which(i mean that for aliens you can choose from 2 biographys,1 for force user and another for non force users ) you can became jedi or trooper.
You misunderstand. The Wookiee itself is a class. That way there isn't any opposition because "George said no Wookiee Jedi OMG". Also to the other guy, we have a fascination with them because they are awesome, and many people want to play them. I would pay good money to be able to do this. And the last time I checked, any alien willing to fight for the Empire was allowed to.
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