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05.21.2013 , 11:37 PM | #111
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Lets not forget we were winning both games we had dc's too you guys should come back to play us though cuz you really can't determine anything from 1 day of rateds especially when there was no clear winner that day imo.
Finally someone that doesn't just outright attack lol

In both of those dc games, we were just about to wipe or in the process of wiping your team, and both would have been tide turning if he didn't dc... you would have actually had a chance to come back if he didn't.

Unless the transfers can be bought with CC, there's no chance of Malz and Liege coming back, and still a 0% chance of Raz coming back if they can be. So, unless MVP transfers, I doubt we'll be fighting again; seeing as BW is cheap (yeah, I said the obvious, come at me BW) and probably wont allow players to buy transfers with cartel coins

BTW, Malz wasn't in those games because he didn't have the PTS installed.