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Several factors come into play

What content do you spend your time in when playing the game? End game raiding? PvP? End game flash points? Dailies? Space Missions? Leveling new toons to see their story? Dedicated crafting gathering/making?
What purpose does crafting play for you? Outfit yourself? Making money? Creating items not readily available in other parts of the game?

I personally spend a lot of time crafting, but have toons ready for Ops and Hard Modes if a spot for a guildie is needed. Most of my crafters spend very little time in the field leveling or gathering mats, so my CS skill choices are based on the best crits in the game or at least for a faction. Other toons that I enjoy playing usually are gathers that feed my crafters.

For Sith Warriors, they share the best crit in the game for synthweaving in their middle companion. But Synthweaving can have the best crit in the game with a Ship Droid Sensor that one can purchase at Legacy 12. Still as I have done, I now have two companions with the best crit in the game which comes in handy for time if I am crafting an entire set of armor for someone or more than five augments. A Sith Warriorís first companion is the only best in game crit for Treasure Hunting which of course supports Artifice.

As for the Inquisitor, they donít have any best in game crits for any crafting CSs, but do share the best Slicing crit and the best Underworld Trading crit in the game (all be it +2) and own the best crit in Archaeology with a late companion. The last companion has a best in faction crit in Scavenging (again small at +2) but this can easily be ignored. If interested in having a crafting CS, there are no class companions with Artifice or Cybertech crits.

Some other general Crew Skill thoughts are these:

If I am doing mainly group end game content with a toon, like Zorash suggests, I do think Biochem is a great choice, with the possible exception of for a healer, but that isnít an issue for me. Iíll also add that Bioanalyst and Scavenging are great in hard modes and operations as youíll be able to skin a lot of animals and droids which make up for the fact that you wonít see nodes for gathering mats.

For my ďgatheringĒ toons, I prefer those who can stealth and sap mobs so that I can get quickly at a node and onto the next one without getting bogged down in fighting. These almost always have Archeology as that resource is not skinable. Depending on how much time you want to chase down *ís on your mini map, add another gathering CS or two to a stealther.

The cornerstone of my crafting system is Slicing. 10 of my 12 toons have it. Before the expansion and before I had end game toons, Slicing Lockbox missions were my main revenue stream. Of course Iím on hold until they make the grade 9 profitable, and if they decide never to then I may have to do some re-rolling myself.

Hope this helps,