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05.21.2013 , 07:06 PM | #104
Quote: Originally Posted by Caeliux View Post
Tough talk from a PTS winner.

I think the wins beating Hello Kitty guilds on PO5 has clouded you're mind.

It's time to join the Bastion where real players dwell.

Give in and join, stop wasting time.
You say that like the PTS still isn't this game... neither side used bolster, and both teams had the exact same patch. Now you'll reference Shark earlier, and I'll tell you specifically to stop using completely irrelevant phrases in an attempt to discount the only few games we'll ever play against another server's guild(s).

Quote: Originally Posted by IAmViiOLENT View Post

Who was Fat'nerd on the PTS?
Cause he did fat damage, that was for sure. Dots for days.
Pretty sure Fat'nerd was Fat'nerd... he got progressively better as he played on POT5, btw. That may hint at something... not sure what.