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The Entity that asks you to rescue Revan? It's the Jedi Exile, the PC from KotOR 2. Just as canonically Revan is male, canonically the Jedi Exile is female. If you do the "Jedi Prisoner" quest that is a sort of "container" quest for Taral V and Maelstrom, after you save Revan and you talk to him, one of the questions you can ask him is who she was, and he tells you. So, unless you think Revan is lying to you, there's no need to ask any devs, the game outright says it if you ask the right question to Revan.
The Entity and The Jedi Entity are two different things entirely. While the latter was actually confirmed in-game to be the jedi exile, true identity of the former is still unknown. It was only speculated, based on lore entry, that the entity is in fact Kreia/Darth Traya from KotOR2. Drew Karpyshyn kinda hinted at that (in an interview that I did with him via email), supporting the said thesis though the matter is still rather uncertain to say the least.
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