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as a long term advocate of this thread, i must say, settle down guys. Eric has stated that apac is moving to the us west coast server. This means, we are moving to the us west coast servers. Screaming, yelling, big letters are not going to change this fact. This move is also a large endeavor for bioware to undertake, which means, they need time to sort everything out. This may be a few weeks more, maybe a few months. Either way, it'll be done when its done. Granted, their silence on the matter is annoying, and an update would be nice. I would rather bioware take a few months now to get organize and make sure transfers are smooth and efficient, not rushed. I would rather all my characters show up, with their hard earned gear, and not get lost in the cyber space. In the meantime, calm down. Eric isn't going to reply to this thread while the responses to it are childish at best. You say you don't get pm's back from the community? I have, but they were well constructed, thoughtful questions in regards to the server migration. They will post when server migrations are planned.

i like big letters