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Yeah, that's fair. I understand where you're coming from — as much as I love gaming, I'm just not ever going to be one of the "pros" clearing Nightmare modes 2 days after release. I'm too clumsy. Everyone's skill is only relative.

Guides are definitely an awesome tool and, if we're being honest, I probably wouldn't have deciphered SWTOR so quickly if I wasn't already "trained" in MMO mechanics from years of playing WoW and reading the guides there. I guess it's human nature that it's easy to forget how much time you've spent learning something, once it feels simple to you.

If anyone had a recording of the first dungeon I ever ran in WoW, I'd probably do a Picard Facepalm™ for 20-30 minutes.

Sometimes, though, you try to give people advice and they either ignore you or become hostile. Like that Powertech I described — I whispered her to explain what she was doing wrong, and she thanked me for the tips. Then she kept doing it anyway... for the entire run. I asked again, and she said it was "just too hard to do it [my] way". In this case, "My way" was: "Please stop using Taunt and Grapple on cooldown".
I still remember the first dungeon I ran in WoW... I somehow got a level 44 killed in deadmines and was kicked from my group and guild.

Good times.