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05.21.2013 , 12:04 PM | #10
You're right, it does suck having to burn a cooldown to survive a trash mob. But I guess I've come to accept that shadow tanking means taking the good with the bad, and part of the bad is active and strategic use of cooldowns, rather than using them as "oh s**t" buttons. The good is plentiful, the bad requires skill to contend with. If anything, I like that there is no such thing as an "OK" shadow tank. There are good shadow tanks, and there are dead shadow tanks. Not much in between.

Also you mention the Operations Chief's terminate as an example where shadows get owned. What about huge grenade on Titan? I can resilience it every time, taking no damage whatsoever. What can VG's and Guardians do that comes even close to that? I was pretty discouraged when I first heard about the 2.0 changes. I had two full dread guard tanks that had both cleared Kephess NiM, a shadow and a VG. Thought at first I'd be using primarily the VG, but not so. My shadow is my preferred tank by a long shot.