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What about tying a battle readiness' CD reduction into the parried, shielded, deflected bit in the same way that force resilience can have its CD reduced. Or just a one minute CD would be nice.
I actually kind of like this idea. The developers already see Shadows as, explicitly, *the* skill tank so planning on us use our CDs as a fundamental part of the Shadow tank playstyle would make a fair bit of sense. It also allows us to remain spiky while simultaneously giving us the tools to mitigate the spikiness at certain intervals.

Another option might be the reset of Battle Readiness and/or Deflection when we exit combat or enter stealth, like how Vigi Guards get Force Leap, Combat Focus, and Saber Throw reset or Infil Shadows get Blackout back. It would allow us to start fights with one or both of our major CDs *always* available, so as to mitigate the biggest source of disadvantageous spikiness: the alpha strike.

I kind of doubt adding another one minute CD would be viable though I think it would be interesting if we got something like Dodge (60 sec CD, 3 sec duration, 100% defense increase): short duration, short CD, high effect. To normalize it, it could be designed to only apply to single target attacks, like Saber Reflect does, or apply a 100% increase to Shield chance, rather than Defense chance, so that you'll still be taking damage while it's active, just not a coin flip for "dead or tolerable". Conversely, something like Defense Screen (45 sec CD, 15 sec duration, creates an absorb shield for a moderate amount) would be pretty useful: being able to apply a Force Shield to *ourselves* would provide us with a measure of burst mitigation. Yet another option would be giving us a copy of Endure Pain: 30% extra hp for a short period of time offsets the spikiness by providing us with a larger damage cushion and a bit more self healing (but not really all that much).

There are a *bunch* of things that could be done, and it's not like it's not a problem. Guardians and VGs use their CDs like CDs. Shadows have to use our CDs as a fundamental part of our playstyle because, when we don't, healers can't predict how much healing we'll need so they'll either end up not healing us enough and ending up with a spike that destroys us or dump in *way* more healing than we actually *need* (and more than the other tanks need) and waste most of it on overheal to offset the likelihood that there will be a window of time where we just took damage like we're a DPS rather than a tank.
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