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05.21.2013 , 06:45 AM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by JPryde View Post
So you would rather keep quiet about a bug that is in your favor ?
To me that would be the prime definition of an exploit... deliberate and knowinginly taking advantage of a failing game mechanic.

Noone likes exploiters.
Well, in all fairness, it's an extreme rarity that there's a bug that actually benefits the players, and most Lightning Sorcs I've run with thought it was actually supposed to be like that, as a boost to off-healing, what with the way they've seemed to be adding more utility heals to other classes, like baseline Kolto Missile. But alas, no such luck. Just another bug in the pile of bugs. Now... The fact that it's a beneficial bug like this that gets quashed ASAP... That's neither here nor there. Though, considering recent bug "fixes"... I'm gonna wait until live to judge.
Stealth? It's nice, I guess. But so is flinging people off bridges.