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05.21.2013 , 02:09 AM | #186
I've read a lot of the stories here, sometimes even laughing out loud while reading I usually don't post stuff on the forums, but I just have to post something now.. It seems that lately more and more players don't know what to do..

At the fleet I see lots of jedi knights leaving off to coruscant without choosing sentinel/guardian, I also inspect a lot of people and I see lots of people wearing the wrong gear.(Jedi Sage with Aim/Cunning implant) Or tank players who can't aggro more than 1 opponent, healer players who heal at the most random moments, dps players who queue as tank, all issues already mentioned in this forum.. I don't pvp because my computer can't handle it, so I don't know what the situation is there, but in Pve it gets quite frustrating sometimes.. But I also think some people should show a bit of respect..

About 4 Months ago I hit lvl 50 on my Jedi Sentinel, and I remember that when I queued for Flashpoints I got kicked because of ''too low gear'', even before the casual 'hello's and hi's'.. I am still learning a lot in this game, I am not a native english speaker so some stuff takes a lot of time to learn. However, when I asked what was wrong with my gear/what I could do to improve my role in the group, I never actually got an answer.. Also people ridiculed me because I didn't have any artifact gear, and because of the way I looked.. It was very surreal, and to be honest I really didn't know how to get better gear than tionese.. I didn't even know it was possible.. I just assumed that everyone with +20 k of hp had pvp armor.. So yes I was a big noob, about the biggest to have ever roamed the server I think...

But now I'm level 55, and I have full basic gear, and already 2 elite pieces.. I hope to do my first ops in a few weeks, I am preparing for it by reading a lot of info about the various ops levels, and I just want people to give some respect for players who are low geared/don't know what to do.. If you run into someone who doesn't speak english well enough, direct them to the fleet where they can find a guild of their native language.. If someone has too low gear, explain what is wrong about the gear and if needed, where to get better gear.. Do you see someone with the wrong implant, tell them.. This game can be very confusing to new players, sometimes it still is confusing to me, even tough I played this game for over 9 months.. And by just kicking someone without explanation you only make the problem worse.

One time I took a undergeared sage to the black hole daily area and did the whole daily run with him just to explain what he should do.. He didn't even know what to do at the blue gass mission, he just ran into the gas towards the leaks in hope of making it somehow.. He had items with strenght/aim in his gear, and I told him that was wrong.. I guided him to the fleet after the black hole daily run and helped him find a guild in his native language so he could be helped there.. Now I sometimes see him on black hole, doing the run by himself.. It gave me goosebumps..

I think more people should be a bit more nicer to each other.. I mean, you don't have to drag beginner players to the fleet and explain everything to them, but just take a minute or so of explainging them at least something thats wrong about their gear/role in the group.. For you it takes 1 minute, for them it means much much more..I love this game, I didn't call anyone by their names in this post because I don't want any people to get insulted, just wanna post my story here.