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05.20.2013 , 10:57 PM | #5332
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No but that is now a year ago. We have had so many updates and changes since the and any one of them could cause thier origional transfer system to not work. Im not trying to defend BW. Thier treatment of the APAC has been appalling. Just suggesting we show a little more patience.
How much more patience do we have to long till enough is enough? I am not even talking about the transfers or whatever being done here being put into action I am saying communication would go along way to garner at least some trust/respect for their community.

They say they are damned if they do post and damned if they don't, yet I feel if they at least came into the thread and regularly acknowledged their players during this process it would go along way in at least making us feel like we are valuable subscribers instead of the red headed stepchildren we seem to be.

I don't see how being ignored by the devs fosters any respect on either side of this issue.