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Yes. Its a nice change by the Community to make post like that, and even add the threads to the community round up. I hope this trend continues moving forward. I very much dislike gaming companies that release content and basically shrug there shoulders when there is a community backlash, after all, we are the ones that play the game, and pay BW's many bills and employees.

BW isn't always going to get it right first go, and there is always reason why decisions get made the way they do. I hated 2.1 when it first came out, but after reading Eric post, I changed my mind. Still think charging CC coins for basic hair styles is a bit of a rip of for Subs, but, now thanks to Eric, I understand their decision making progress and have come to accept it.

Keep it up Community Team.
Agreed. 100%. The current community team is amazing. Eric, Courtney, Amber, you guys are doing a great job, and the community definatley appreciates it.
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