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Great work! Would it be possible to also calculate the Spikiness Damage Taken (SigmaSquishiness/Spikiness on LagunaD's)?

If I remember correctly, SigmaSquishiness/Spikeiness was help full to check for the spikeness of the damage taken for the chosen stats.
I honestly never gave those values much thought. I always completely ignored them when using that spreadsheet, and just focused on minimizing squishiness. I would also have no way of knowing how one should properly balance squishiness and spikiness, so I'm not sure how to give spikiness any real meaning.

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I have to quibble a little with this point, because I, and probably many others, don't have any Underworld set armorings, whereas we can buy Verpine armorings. Actually, when I first hit 55, I only had Campaign armorings, and as Kitru and others have said elsewhere, the benefits of the set bonus outweighs the benefit of the 69/72 armorings. Even now, having the 4-piece Arkanian bonus, that's still 4 Verpine armorings I can't use.
You could just equip your higher level armor and see if your damage taken % on the character sheet goes up or down when losing the 4-piece set bonus pretty easily for Shadow tanks. For VGs its a bit trickier, you would have to equip the higher level armors and see what your armor rating becomes. Then plug that into the spreadsheet while lowering base defense chance by 0.02, and see if that gives a lower DT than just using the old armorings with the 4-piece. I guess you could do the same thing for the Shadow 2-piece. You could also test the value of using 2x 2-piece for Shadow that way. For Guardians I have no idea what you would do.

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Excellent work, I've been hoping one of these would get made soon

I just notice 1 very minor issue. You're calculation with the 5% damage debuff from Slow Time/Static Field has it being added to static DR whereas it actually reduces pre-mitigation damage dealt which is then reduced by static DR. The difference is pretty minor but adjusting all the base DRs down by 0.05 and adding a 0.95 scalar in the damage taken equations gives a more accurate representation.

Downside is when you don't have that debuff it requires some manual alterations to the spreadsheet. I might play around with it while I'm at work and add in some more tools such as auto calculating in the the class bonuses and a flag to factor in/out the 2 debuffs.

EDIT: I made some adjustments including adding a little functionality I really liked in the old spreadsheet such as the effect of adding/swapping augments. As well as adding in the class base stat auto-fill and both debuff flags with autofill based on class/co-tank.
Are we absolutely sure that's how the DR debuff works? I asked about it in another thread because I wasn't sure, and was told it just adds to your DR. If its multiplicative instead of additive that's a pretty easy thing to change. Same thing with the accuracy debuff, do we know for sure whether or not that just adds to dodge chance? I guess the same also goes with the innate 90% accuracy skills enemies have.

Its difficult to test in game because it makes such a small difference.