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So, as everyone and their cousin knows, right now, Shadows are almost painfully spiky right now, *way* above the Guardians and VGs. There are only 2 ways to really fix the spikiness: increase DR (which would necessitate losing some degree of our mitigation stats) or provide some effect that either provides a cushion before or after the damage arrives (i.e. an absorb shield of some kind that only triggers on big damage attacks or something that turns some portion of incoming damage into a DoT so that the same amount of damage is taken but it's not taken immediately).

I'm not sure how viable the second portion of those options are since some of them represent some non-trivial programming and design obstacles, but I think I figured out a decent compromise that allows for the first without having a major impact on the fundamental Shadow playstyle: change the 5% accuracy debuff that Shadows apply through Force Breach into a 5% DR buff that lasts the same amount of time (kinda like what Guardian Slash does). We'll still be the spiky tanks, but swapping out 5% functional defense for 5% DR at our levels of Defense would keep the mitigation roughly the same (it could be tweaked down to 4% DR if necessary to account for the comparative value of DR to Defense, but that's just semantics and a bit of balancing). It'll also go a fair ways to making Shadows more viable tanks at low levels.

Those are my ideas. I'm kinda curious what everyone else's are.
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