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05.20.2013 , 03:02 PM | #1
So I gave it some time to be fixed and didn't think it was that necessary to report this as I though the devs would surely notice but it seems I have been mistaken.

There is a bug with the Sith inquisitor, that seems to only affect inquisitors and not sages, either way that bug gives an unfair advantage to the class and more interestingly it only affects one advanced class and not its mirror on the republic side.

The talent in the lightning tree, something Effusion I believe its called, a talent that grants your next 2 damaging abilities a force reduction of 75% and a charge is consumed upon cast. Well on the Sith inquisitor (and only the inquisitor and not the sage) the same Effusion affects the healing spells of the inquisitor as well with one exception, the charges don't get consumed by healing spells.

In other words, SI that get the Effusion proc, can cast all heals for literally no force cost for as long as those charges don't run out via time and not consumption. This gives inquisitors a very unfair advantage by being able to heal themselves up at literally no force cost what so ever (providing the Effusion procs, which it does almost all the time) and it needs to be fixed.

I have a sith inquisitor, otherwise I wouldn't noticed the bug so no need for "omg you hate our class hater".

This needs to get fixed asap.

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