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They changed the FP, you don't have to drop him in the shaft anymore. He leaves a body. Case closed. Malgus is dead.
Amen lol. Ach it doesn't matter people will still have their theories. Maybe call me a bit of a 'die-hard' fan but to me, Malgus really HAS to die to become the empire's greatest martyr. He died for what he believed in and he changed the way the empire worked. If he did survive he would be the biggest coward ever. Rushing off to hide when he gets defeated. I'm glad they removed the need to push him off the platform which was just dumb but I really wish they could have added a tiny one line of dialogue at the end (even something cheesy like 'my legacy is complete'). I mean even Darth Serevin had a more respectable death with his 'Talsa-Ko, I've failed you'. Revan's exit is still the best in the game imho but he is allowed to disappear and rebuild because he isn't really that important in the old republic years. Plus his intention throughout swtor was to keep himself incapacitated so he wouldn't join the dark side again. He could easily come back and nobody would be surprised.

Malgus died for what he believed in and he even says 'Die or defeat me. Either way the empire is reborn' before the final battle so you know he doesn't care about the outcome.

Just saying