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Chapter 20

Dha had enemies on three sides, all coming at him with hand weapons. He rammed his gauntlet vibroblade through the throat of one, hurled him backwards, turned, and blasted a second. The third grabbed him beneath his arms in a lock that would keep Dha's weapons pointed at the sky. Two more thugs approached, drawing knives. Dha winced. Torian was nowhere nearby, nor was Jogo. Methic was close, but cramped by dozens of Black Sun thugs going at him. There was no help in sight for Dha.

Suddenly, a blaster bolt sheared through the head of the man holding Dha. Dha flipped the corpse over himself, slamming it into the two thugs in front of him. Then, quickly, he executed them both with blaster shots to the temple. He turned and looked into the sky–and grinned.

"Your worries are over, Imps, the Mandalorians have arrived!" said Chernan.

"Chernan!" he called.

"Dha!" greeted his old friend. "Su cuy'gar, ner vod!"

"Su cuy'gar! Let's kill these chakaare and go home."

Chernan nodded and swept down, his blasters firing rapidly. A squad of Mandalorians followed behind him, dropping blaster bolts and rockets on the heads of the Black Sun thugs. In moments, the square was cleared. Imperials and Sith slowly began to lower their weapons.

"We don't have long," Dha said. He turned to a non-Mandalorian mercenary. "You, start rounding up civilians. Get them to the spaceport."

The tired mercenary nodded. "Right."

Methic was snapping off orders, too. "Get barricades built at every entrance to this square, and set up anti-air weapons. Pierce, get some heavy artillery for the troops."

"Roger that!" Pierce replied.

He ran off to follow orders. Dha jerked a finger at Torian, motioning him over. Jogo followed.

"Let's rally with Chernan and the others," he said. "We can provide air support for the Imps."

"Can do," Torian replied.

Jogo nodded briskly, sheathed his vibrosword, and moved quickly to join Chernan's force. Dha and Torian followed quickly.

* * *

In the docking bay of the Black Sun command ship, the Phantom sat, powered down. Raina paced back and forth impatiently, wishing Merok would return so they could get off this ship. Vector was sitting in the cargo bay, speaking softly to the fingerlings. Kaliyo was sleeping, Lokin was working in the medbay, as usual. Scorpio...Raina shuddered. Where was that killer droid?

She moved around the ship, looking for Scorpio. She found her in the cockpit, sniper rifle balanced on the dash, pointed out into the docking bay. Raina's eyes widened.

"Scorpio!" she exclaimed. "What are you doing?"

"Preparing to kill those Black Sun guards out there," Scorpio replied, deadpan.

"You do know if you shoot through the viewport and we have to take off in a hurry...the cockpit's air will vent out into space via the giant gaping hole from your rifle."

"I know," Scorpio replied coolly. "Too-Vee or I can fly the ship and seal the cockpit."

Raina shook her head. "Why not just go down to the exit ramp?"

"Because then they'd see me," Scorpio replied.

"Scorpio, Merok can take the guards."

"You're so confident, are you?"


"Very well. I will remain by the hatch so I can go down and kill them as soon as we get a signal."


Scorpio brushed back Raina, and Raina shivered. Something about that droid was...creepy.