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Hi there folks,

Relics procs of the same type shouldn't stack, and we have this bug fixed for Game Update 2.1.1. Because the fix is still in testing, there's always the chance that it will be moved to a different patch. If so, I'll be sure to let you know!

Thank you very much for the reply, Amber. Since a BW rep responded to this thread stating that PvP power relic procs stacking is not working as intended design and a fix for it is coming in the near future, I won't be bumping this thread anymore.

I would also like to take this chance to propose for flat stats relics like the old WH and EWH relics pre 2.0, instead of having proc type relics like we do now for PvP. This will eliminate the RNG variable from relics in an already RNG heavy system (crit chance, defense chance, shield chance... etc.) for PvP, and allow the devs to achieve better balance by pinpointing abnormal behavior in numbers during PvP combat easier with less RNG involved.

Thank you very much.