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Afternoon All,

On Saturday 24th May, there will be a 1v1 Tournament at the Outlaws Den on Tatooine.

Entry Fee is 100k per person which can be mailed to Reginator on Imp Side and Reg on Republic Side.

Prize money will be 2 million credits + 100k per competitor.

Any spec is allowed.

- Players must be level 55. PvP gear is recommended as you will be facing well geared players. Enter at your own risk if you are low geared or PVE
- Entry fee is 100k Credits
- Winner Takes All credits, no 2nd or 3rd place rewards
- Fights will be best of 3 rounds to progress into the tournament
- Should there be a shortfall of players in the end rounds due to low signups the previous player with the best win streak will come forward
- Opponents will be picked by random draw - regardless of class & spec
- Buffs will be provided if you don't have them - just ask players around you
- stims / medpacks / grenades are allowed as everyone has access to them.
- Stealth classes start in stealth however using vanish to hide and wait for cooldowns is not. You may vanish to heal up and engage back into combat - this rule is subject to change as things progress.
- You may enter with more than 1 character if you have alts, however you will be paying another entry fee.
- Due to long and boring games, hybrid healers will not be allowed to participate, sorry
- Opponents will not be preset as previously no shows happened and the brackets had to change - 2 players will be picked from the player pool at the time of the tournament

Stealthing out is permitted but not for a prolonged period (i.e hiding until 5 mins has passed)

Matches have a maximum time of 5 minutes. At the end of this 5 minutes the winner will be determined by /roll (seems a bit weird but tis the only way I can think of doing it-I'l take suggestions on an alternative.

Please sign up for this event at:

Please sign up for this event by whispering me or telling me on teamspeak or mailing me.

On the night I will enter all the names into

Event will begin at 1930 BST.

I will find a teamspeak that could be used to communicate.

Hope to see some sign ups!