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05.20.2013 , 08:25 AM | #22
There sure are a lot of Dark Heal naysayers in this thread.

So serious question... How many of you have actually tried it post 2.0 in comparison to Dark Infusion? And for those that are successfully using Dark Infusion, are you one of those that went full power + alacrity?

I'm interested in seeing what heal style is driving the particular comment. For me, as I don't stack alacrity and prefer a more balanced stat distribution (which yes includes NOT going full power and allowing some crit to stay on my gear), I tend to like the Resurgence -> Innervate or Dark Heal combo. As others have said, Static Barrier -> Resurgence -> Innervate/Revivification is my go to combo, but in a pinch I'll Resurgence -> Dark Heal for the almost always guaranteed 6k-ish heal.

Dark Infusion is just too darn slow to cast and not really a big enough heal.