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05.19.2013 , 09:38 PM | #1
It is that time once again people! I am hosting a pvp event on the planet QUESH to raid the republic base named the Republic Mining Camp. The date of this event is saturday June 1st at 8pm EST.. Lets make this event the biggest to date and put these servers to a real test..The goal of this event is to take over the republic base, and to have fun+mass pvp which doesnt happen too often. I will be letting others know through fleet general chat aswell letting other guilds know. Everybody will be meeting up at the imperial outpost on quesh. If there are any questions please send me a tell or mail. Every pvp event that i have been apart of has been a huge success and am also working on a place on makeb but the instance cap would be an issue, this planet we should not have that problem. i will also be leading the Ops groups aswell! Will spam general on fleet/wz's before the event aswell to build up numbers. Thanks all!